MCU: Nine things we want to see in Phase four

With “Spider-Man: Homecoming” set to hit theaters and officially welcome Peter Parker into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s a perfect time to take a moment and discuss what we want to see in the MCU going forward.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about characters that may turn up in the universe someday, however, what about getting more interaction among the current lineup.

Tony Stark meets Rocket Racoon

There’s no great story arc to be found here. It would just be hilarious fun to see the great Tony Stark work with a genius, smartass raccoon from outer space.


Black Widow, Agent May, Jessica Jones & Gamora team up

Again this is just a scene that needs to happen so fans can see the universe’s four most badass female leads in an awesome fight scene together.

Avengers find out Coulson is alive

This one is years in the making. Frankly with everything that’s happened on “Agents of SHIELD,” it’s kind of ridiculous that at least one Avenger hasn’t shown up to help and found out the truth. Also how mad will The Avengers be when they find out Nick Fury has known the whole time?

Bucky’s redemption

This is a story that needs to happen if Chris Evans really decides he’s done being Captain America. It would be nice to see the lifelong friends get more of a resolution to their relationship before Evans leaves the franchise. Plus with all the time that’s about to be spent in Wakanda, it will be weird if it doesn’t come up at least a little.


“Agent Carter/Agents of SHIELD” crossover

Peggy Carter deserves a much better ending than she got. How about a few episodes where a case crosses over between the two shows and provides a proper finale for “Agent Carter?”

A real romance between Natasha & Steve

Once again, this is just my personal preference, but Steve and Natasha had loads more chemistry in “Winter Soldier” than Natasha and Bruce in “Age of Ultron.” They’re both lost, lonely souls and can never find anyone else who understand their lives. Seems like a no brainer.

agentsofshield crop

Coulson & SHIELD check out the goings on in Hell’s Kitchen & Harlem

The whole job of SHIELD is to investigate weird and unexplained occurrences. With that in mind, they’ve never even remotely mentioned the ninja cult or red leather vigilante in Hell’s Kitchen. What about the guy who was controlling people? Or the bulletproof guy in Harlem? It seems as though SHIELD is falling down on the job.


Peter Quill & Scott Lang in a comedy team up

If you’ve got Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd in a franchise and don’t have them do a comedy team up it’s criminal.

Black Panther comes to Harlem to recruit Luke Cage

Do I really need to explain this one. Come on son!

Halle Berry somehow gets to appear with Black Panther

Yes I’m aware this will never happen, but a girl can dream. It doesn’t need to be a major scene. A cameo where they spot each other across a crowded market would be cool.

So do you agree with my suggestions? What are you dying to see happen in the MCU? Let us know in the comments. Please be respectful. Jerks will be disintegrated.

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