New ‘Luke Cage’ Clip Features Misty and Colleen in Bar Fight

Ahead of its second season premiere, Netflix has released a new promo clip for Luke Cage.

The video features Misty Knight and Colleen Wing hanging out in a bar, when the brother of someone Misty arrested starts a fight.

For fans who’ve hoped for a Daughters of the Dragon storyline on the Marvel Netflix series, the scene hints at their dreams possibly coming true.

When we left off in season one, Luke had defeated Diamondback before being taken back to prison. This set up a power vacuum that Shades and Mariah have stepped into.

In The Defenders, Foggy got him released and he teamed up with Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones and Danny Rand to fight The Hand. While saving Claire and Colleen, Misty’s arm was cut off, setting her up to use a robotic arm in season two.

Starring Mike Colter, Simone Missick, Theo Rossi, Rosario Dawson and Alfre Woodard, season two of Luke Cage debuts on Netflix Friday, June 22.


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