All Rise – Pilot Recap

CBS’ newest legal drama All Rise starts out like all the others, with attractive lawyers hurrying through the courthouse and talking about their personal lives. Suddenly, things take a turn when Lola Carmichael (Simone Missick) notices a female defendant doesn’t have any pants on.

As she confronts the bailiff about this, he snaps, pulls out his gun and shoots the judge, before he is shot by another bailiff.

We jump ahead two weeks to see Lola’s first day as a judge. Her assistant is very experienced and tries to steamroll Lola, until Daphne, the girl from the shooting, is back in court on a new robbery charge. When it becomes clear Daphne didn’t do what she’s accused of, Lola sends the case to trial.

Simone Missick as Lola Carmichael in CBS’ All Rise. Source:

When it comes out that the detective was mistaken about her identification of Daphne, Lola is under pressure to keep things under wraps.

Meanwhile, Lola’s friend/former co-worker Mark is prosecuting a robbery where the eccentric perpetrator represents himself. When the defendant wants him to take the stand, the judge, who has a personal grudge against Mark, allows it.

He goes to Lola to commiserate, but her outlook has changed now that she’s a judge, and he’s upset she doesn’t see things his way.

After a rough day in court, Lola and Mark make up, and decide to continue fighting for the truth.

Wilson Bethel as Mark and Simone Missick as Lola in the Pilot episode of CBS’ All Rise. Source: TV Guide

In the end, Lola pronounces Daphne not guilty, warns the detective not to cross her again, then offers Daphne advice about her mom, who it turns out was the actual criminal.

Even if we hadn’t watched the very spoilery trailer we would have seen all this coming. There was nothing new to grab our attention.

Though All Rise feels like Grey’s Anatomy in a courtroom, the strong cast, led by Missick and including Marg Helgenberger, Paul McCrane and Wilson Bethel, is appealing, and worth at least one more viewing. 

Also happening around the courthouse:

Public defender Emily Lopez strikes a friendship with Lola’s bailiff Luke, though she’s also having trouble with her ex.

We don’t want to jump on another will they/won’t they rollercoaster, but if this show gets past season one, that’s definitely where they’re going with Lola and Mark.


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