Mixed-ish – Becoming Bow Recap

If you’ve ever watched Black-ish and thought, “I need to know more about Bow’s crazy family” then Mixed-ish is the show you’ve been waiting for.

We open with a quick scene of the Johnsons from Black-ish, hilariously questioning Bow about her childhood on the commune/cult. Then we get a glimpse of their ideal life, that is until ATF shows up to raid the place.

kids at school in mixedish pilot
Mykal-Michelle Harris as Santamonica, Arica Himmel as Bow and Ethan William Childress as Johan in Mixed-ish. Source: Bustle

The family moves to the suburbs to live in the rental house owned by Paul’s dad Harrison, played by scene stealer Gary Cole.

Since they’ve spent their lives in a bubble, the family are hit with some hard lessons from the real world. The kids don’t fit in at school, because they’re biracial, while, their mom Alicia has to take a job working for Harrison.

Though Johan and Santamonica use TV to learn the lay of land, a fed up Bow plans to move to a new commune in Waco. However in typical sitcom fashion, she has a heart to heart with her parents and feels better about things.

All their problems aren’t solved, but we get to end on a family water gun fight set to DeBarge’s “Rhythm of the Night,” so we’re calling it a win.

Mykal-Michelle Harris as Santamonica, Ethan William Childress as Johan, Arica Himmel as Bow and Christina Anthony as Denise in Mixed-ish. Source: THR,com

This is a fun, heart-warming comedy that blends in perfectly with the rest of the franchise.

Where the show really excels is with its cast. Arica Himmel is basically a mini Tracee Ellis Ross, while Ethan William Childress and Mykal-Michelle Harris are just flat out funny.

TV vets Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tika Sumpter and Cole keep everything grounded and it all works.

Plus, the ‘80s setting adds a nice touch of nostalgia.

Mixed-ish is a charming, funny show that we hope gets a chance to shine in the insane new TV landscape.  



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